So where did you get those cute little dragons?

Well, a bunch of places actually.

The Wallpaper:

Took me a while to find something that I liked and went with the rest of the stuff on the blog site.  I actually used an existing theme called “motion” and then went around searching for stuff that pertained to dragons, and that also had a color scheme that went with the rest of the theme settings that already existed.  Why?  Because I was too cheap to customize something from scratch (yes it actually costs), and I liked the basics of the Motion layout already, I just did not like the wallpaper 😉

The Counter:

This adorable little guy came from Boing Dragon’s lair.  I actually found this website ages and ages ago when Yahoo Geocities websites still existed.  I saw the little guy pop up on a lot of sites, and finally decided to go check out my fellow dragon’s lair.  Sometimes I miss geocities.  Especially knowing that there is some poetry I have now lost for all time since the site went away and I lost the hard copy of the poem 😦

The Avatar:

Honestly I’ve had this little guy for so long I don’t remember where he originally came from.  I actually found him back in the dark ages BG (before google) on a yahoo search trying to find AIM buddy icons.  He was so cute, and one of the only ones I found that made me think of my mental idea of a “kiwi dragon,” so I adopted him and gave him a home.

So how did you find your little dragon icon again if you didn’t remember where you got him?

Well, now that we no longer live in the land now dubbed BG, I did this cool thing called google image search.  And I don’t mean googling “green dragon icons” or something and clicking the “images,” I mean actually uploading and searching based on the image itself.  Check it out, it’s pretty cool: