Web comics?  What’s that?  Well, essentially it is a growing community of self-publishing artists from a variety of back grounds with a mix of traditional and non-traditional styles.  Some of them can be educational, others controversial, but in general they’re intended to be fun and entertaining.  There are a lot of webcomics out there, like XKCD and Penny Arcade, and web comics that started life in weekly newspapers like Dilbert.

The Webcomic community gets to enjoy a lot of freedoms that the world of newspaper and magazine comics don’t get to, including the option not to have someone edit their works.  They also have the option to use the web’s unique forums like clip art, animation, and sprites though and a lot of web comics go with the traditional newspaper comic style. A few are even financially successful on their own.

So why am I posting about web comics?  Well, so I could make a shameless promotion of my brother’s new web comic he’s been working on.  I’ll warn you now, some of the content is a little bit NSFW (not safe for work), but the comics are cute and fun and not full of terrible language or violence.  The comics mostly have a light sense of humor and reference things like Indiana Jones, Dr. Seuss and zombies.  Check them out here (or he’ll punch you): Frank n’ Bob: Buttholes