I’ve had this idea in my head since I was about 13 years old about worlds of magic and science and people that are a lot like us, and yet vastly different.  An entire universe filled with gods and mortals just waiting to be spilled onto paper.  I am 30 years old now.  I’ve spent more than half my life dreaming of this other world, and I think it’s time to share it with other people.  I have finished the other major goals in my life: finishing college, getting a job in the manned space flight industry, marrying the love of my life… Now it’s time for one more check box: published author.

So what is this book about?  Well, I have to tell you it’s been pretty dynamic.  The characters have sort of taken up the story with a mind of their own, so even I am not fully certain where it will lead to.  This particular book is the start of what is currently supposed to be a trilogy, but I think there will be a short story “chronicles” book with spin-off character stories afterwards.  It also gets a few crossover cameos from a story not yet published by childhood friend and fellow author E. Ardell.

Snowbird gets to tell the first book, a girl nicknamed “Louie” gets to tell the sequel, and a man named Julian will get to wrap up the series.  Right now I’m in Chapter 19 of what I’m guessing will be about 30 chapters +/- two of Snowbird.  I’ve decided since I don’t have classes this summer it’s high time I get my ass into gear and write write write since Fall semester will be another very time consuming class in my Masters program.  It will be the last, though, and I plan to keep up my 3.8 GPA so there won’t be much time for Snowbird and her friends again ’till December.  The goal is to finish Book 1 in August before my friend finishes Book 2 of the Shadow Weaver trilogy she’s working on.  Wish me luck!