So what is a Kiwi Dragoness anyway?

The term “Kiwi Dragoness” is something I coined many years ago as a user ID. It combined two of my favorite things: kiwis (both the fruit and the birds), and dragons.   It also conveniently never seemed to be used.  Over time, the term started to collect a life and personality of its own.  I began to dream up this adorable little bright green dragon with a color trait that was almost entirely exclusive to female dragons, sort of like Calico cats.  They were small and intelligent like the fire lizards from the Pern series, and made good house pets. Like the other dragons in my universe, they are omnivores, though this one has a particular affinity for kiwi fruit.  The Kiwi Dragoness is slated to make a debut appearance in my scifi series writing as a part of Snowbird’s novel, and is a planned icon to make a cameo appearance in the rest of the series.

But how can they like kiwis if there aren’t really any dragons on Earth? What kind of scifi is this?

Well, friends, I also put aliens on Jupiter.  My universe, my rules, what fun is an alternate reality if it’s just like my own?